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Spring is here...

We're going to introduce our Ugly candles for those who plan to spend weekends and holidays camping outdoors. But they are good when it's calm and don't bother us.

We make these candles from our leftover wax and add a strong lemon scent to them.

These are outdoor candles and we advise that they are not used indoors. For the louse inside the door we have Lavender and Lemongrass, we used that candle with good results inside a caravan we had at Laugarvatn.


We are starting to hopefully get back on track but the wait is getting oppressive for me, but I am showing progress.. for those who are curious, I had shoulder surgery on my right shoulder and am still being held up by a doctor and physio, as this is quite a load on the shoulders working in candle making.


The online store and the gallery are open because I managed to make a good stock before I had the operation.

So please take a look at the website or visit us at Fossheidin, it is open from 11.00 am to 6.00 pm every weekday and you can contact me if this time is not suitable.

Nothing else I can think of on this Sunday morning.

Regards, Helga in Täfraljórum


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