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Now we take a break...

In order to annoy the governor, we are on our way to Tenerife.

Maybe you will get a picture from there :)

We will close orders from 14. May but then I go for the so-called maintenance that I do every month and then we open again 10. June. But we will put a phone number on the site that can be reached to take a look at the Gallery.

We would like to remind you that our summer candles are now on the shelves and are essential for the environment.

We are putting the Ugly candles on the shelves :) which are essential for camping.

We will add one or two scents to the tinned candles, but now they have Lavender and Sea Dream. Those candles use 100% soy wax, which we like to use sparingly, because it is expensive to buy.

But hopefully spring has arrived and we can expect a good summer. We see that the flowers in the pots are starting to pop up so it's all becoming normal :)

Until next time, best regards, Helga in Tofraljosum


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