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Ilmkerti í verslun okkar að Foosheiði 5


Burn a candle, then cut the flame short. Too long of a light will cause ozonation. Do not have a burning candle in a suction. The candle will then burn unevenly and leak further down. 

Avoid storing the candles in strong light. Their color fades. 

Place the candles in the refrigerator/freezer for 1 hour. before you turn them on.
They will then burn more slowly. Note Wrap them well before you put them in the freezer
otherwise there is a risk that the ignition will absorb moisture.

Store scented candles in sealed bags so that their scent lasts as long as possible.

Here isdocumenton how to deal with candles, candlesticks and candle decorations.

Kertastjakar og kertabakkar í úrvali
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