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Life is too short to light unscented candles

lavender ilmkerti


The story

What do we produce?
Today we produce scented candles and scented oils, decorative candles without scent have also been popping up with us.

Magic Lights was founded just before Christmas 1999. I felt that the market lacked real scented candles that didn't burn out in one day and the scent was barely there to speak of, although the smell of the candle was suffocating. Earlier this year I had met women from various countries and they were and still are full of all kinds of information that have helped me a lot, because there is no need for everyone to reinvent the wheel. After many trials of wax and fragrances, in the end, it was decided to buy a wax and fragrance that I liked the combination and gave the best fragrance and remained in the candle whether it was on a table or lit. I started in the kitchen, but it wasn't terribly popular. Because now the food was depending on how it was on the orders and the kitchen table was full of candles that had to be packed, so the facilities for eating were also gone. 

With some persuasion I was persuaded to move to the scullery with my pots and pans. Then things didn't get any better according to the household members, if they were washed, the laundry smelled of the perfume that was used the time it was hung. 


Then it became apparent that householders and guests had difficulty standing when the blankets were released. We put two and two together and realized that the floor had never been as well prepared as after my production increased. A layer of wax started to form on the floors, and as I scrubbed, the slippage lessened. Now it got to the point that if you wanted to keep the ice down, you had to shower every night, and since the other members of the household didn't like showering, this was the biggest problem. A beware of slippery :) sign was put up at the front door. So I ended up with a lovely house out on the property to make my candles. (And I can tell you in confidence that another such change in home life and cleaning was unlikely.) . 

I started using only plastic molds of all kinds for the production, but noticed that it was as if the fragrances and intervention materials I used were starting to corrode the molds on the inside, I then went more into rubber molds as more people were producing them and me doesn't like to imitate others, and as more people produce the same thing, everyone loses. So the next step was in 2000 to find a good tournament that suited me and what I wanted to do and specialize in. In 2001, I entered a candle in a competition with a reputable club called CC candlemakingclub. Members of it only produce block candles like me. I had to send in wax that I had colored and cut into blocks and then some candles. There I won my first medal and was in first place. I didn't participate in the competition last year, but instead became a sponsored member and sent prizes for all three prize places. Although I wanted to keep my place there, I was approached to make this award trophy very special and those of us who were in the award seats last year supported the competition by making beautiful things for the winners. 
In 2002, I went north to Hrafnagil with two other artists. It was a historic show in many ways for all of us. We had no idea what to expect, and therefore we were not at all prepared to distribute the amount of brochures that went out of our hands during the exhibition. I thought I was pretty good with 700 brochures and a bunch of business cards, but when day 1 was half way through, an emergency call was made east of Selfoss to Fossheiðina and asked for like 2000 more brochures, and that's where it started sat Stein Gunn and printed all night and sent 1650 leaflets by air the next day. And kept printing and by Saturday we managed to get another 2000 booklets and we didn't have a single one left by the end of the weekend. 
For this show we were all immersed in producing. I have one mold of each candle and it took a lot of nerves to wait for the candles to come out of the molds. So all the molds were poured and in the evening the molds were emptied and poured again so that the candles would be ready in the morning, that's how my day was for the whole month of June and July. The family members seemed to have enough, I'm nervous about not having enough, and they were half-starved while the packing took place in the kitchen. But we got to Hrafnagil and it was wonderful to be there and we met many wonderful artisans, and we mustn't forget the wonderful guests who came and chatted with us and shopped with us. 


Our candles are now available all over the country, but still only in small quantities, because we are not in mass production, but focus on the quality of the product and the satisfaction of our customers.

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